The School provides two specious and well furnished dormitory type hostels one each for boys and girls. These contain such facilities as separate place for study, lockers and common wash rooms. Resident teachers and Wardnes not only look after the students but also help, counsel and guide them. The hostel staff includes the Director(Hostels & Sports), Warden, Assistant Matrons, Ayahs and Attendants. Their efforts are supplemented by House Masters and House Mistresses whose stress naturally is on academics. In hostels common central services are provided for hair dressing, tailoring and laundry.

Students are required to bring with them the items whose list is provided at the time of admission.

Any damage done to the School property will have to be made good by the student.

Out Passes

Students are not permitted to leave the campus except when they go home for vacation or are taken out of the school to attend organized activities. They will be escorted by staff members. All out passes for the boarders will be signed by the Director ( Hostel & Sports)


Periodical excursions and tours to different parts of the country are organized each year. These tours and trips undertaken at the expense of the students provide oportunity for recreation and education.


Students are not permitted to be away from the school during the academic session. However , The Principal may grant leave for medical reasons only.

Parents's Visit to Campus

Parents and other duly authorised persons may visit the childern in the campus on the days mentioned in the boarders' activity calendar.

Guest House

Hamdard Education Society has a guest house to accommodate visitors, guest and parents. Outstation parents wishing to avail the guest house may write to the Director , Hamdard Education Society in advance.

Girl Boarders

At School, girls and boys study together. They also take part jointly in the practical work in laboratories and reference and consultation in the library and in co-curricular activities like debates, elocution etc. All these activities are carried out under close supervision by teachers, and a healthy climate of dignified distance, reserve and mutual repect prevails. irls in the hostel are also prepared by the school for the life ahead. Besides academic work they are trained in cookery house keeping and interior decoration, art, craft, painting and stitching. This does not exclude preparation for a career.