Faculty at Hamdard Public School are mentors, role models and inspirations in themselves. They meet the challenges with innovations and encouragement. Commitment at work is seen in the energetic discussions in and out of the classrooms between young minds and the teachers who will do anything to see you succeed.


As a part of the cultural/artistic training of the students, special instruction is available in classical, vocal and instrumental music, pottery, painting and sculpture. Training is also given in group singing.


The School provides counseling and guidance to problem children who are emotionally unstable and show behavioural problems or who have difficulties in keeping pace with the class. Career counseling is provided to the senior students regularly.


special emphasis on Moral Education. The emphasis is on charity, tolerance, empathy and good conduct.

Stress is laid on making Muslim students familiar with the essentials of their religion and strengthening their moral fibre through education. They are also taught Islamic history. To other students value education is imparted and with a view to strengthen their moral fibre they are provided a access to their scriptures.

The main emphasis is on instilling into the students a respect for other religions and ideologies as well and a never-failing concern for moral values.


It's a matter of immense pleasure that our school got the affiliation for NCC (Girls) -National cadet corps with 50 vacancies. as we all are aware that NCC is a very important part of schooling and its an opportunity to the students to learn about military science & our defense system where we are proud to say that we motivate our girls in the field which is known for the boys we initiated NCC first for the girls only and we are the among few schools those who are having NCC.

we are looking forward to see our girls on Rajpath on 26 January republic Day parade we are motivated to work very hard with the girls to see them on a pride podium to represent our school at the national level and become future army officers from different courses like education, medical, legal and definitely fighting front also..


Persons of eminence from various walks of life are invited by the school for lectures, seminars, workshops and special assemblies. The objective is to enable students to keep abreast with the latest developments in various walks of life and current thinking on important issues and to provide the students insights into how the world runs and things move and how people rise in life.

Parents Orientation Programmes are conducted to address the parents and give them tips on good parenting.


Social service is an integral part of the School curriculum. It is intended to inculcate the habit of caring and sharing. It is a part of the school’s plan to take the students sometime to rural areas. The intention is to familiarize them with the problems that the large majority of our population is facing and to give them a firsthand idea of the society’s contribution to the running of orphanages and homes for the aged and for the physically and mentally challenged persons.