Our Co-Founder

Janab Hamid Saheb was not only an adept administration and a civil servant, but also a great educationist.. He served the Provincial Civil Services in the then United Provinces from 1943 to 1949, and thereafter, at the Centre, in various central ministries in different capacities with distinction. When he retired in 1980, he was entrusted with the Vice-Chancellorship of Aligarh Muslim University, his Alma Mater, a responsibility that he fulfilled with grit, skill and grim determination.

Janab Abdul Hameed Saheb’s vision and farsightedness had a everlasting influence on Hamid Saheb, and both joinied hands with to establish the Hamdard Education Society (HES) and the Jamia Hamdard. Janab Hamid Saheb wanted to see an increasing number of youth from the minority sections of our society taking part in the national civil administration. With this mission in mind, he, with the active encouragement of Janab Hakeem Abdul Hameed Saheb, established a small residential coaching centre in Talimabad to prepare candidates for the Indian civil services examination. He started this endevour in 1991, and 1992 saw success of the first batch of Hamdardians as Indian civil servants. The tiny acorn Janab Hamid Saheb planted has grown into a mighty oak known far and wide as the Hamdard Study Circle. Till date it has sent candidates to the Indian Civil Services.

Throughout his life his heart and soul continued to be preoccupied education. Janab Hamid Saheb was a person who could extrapolate to the consequences of current information when these were not obvious to others around him. He knew that the community could not progress if girls did not acquire modern education, and laid a great emphasis on education of the girl child.

On 29 of December, 2014, as the sun was drawing the curtain on the day, Janab Hamid Saheb sailed out of the safe harbor on a silent tide leaving his family and relations, contemporaries, acquaintances, well wishers and those who had even merely heard about him mourning the irreparable loss.

Janab Saiyid Hamid